Our Philosphy

It is the philosophy of Riverside Treatment Services, LLC to reduce the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse and other behavioral health problems among adults through the provision of opioid replacement therapy. Patients are empowered to make decisions about their care with the expected outcome of an increased quality of life. Riverside Treatment Services, LLC seeks to promote patient wellness through comprehensive care.

Core Values

“Building Resilience and Facilitating Recover”

We believe all people have value and deserve respect. We are committed to delivering services that demonstrate respect, concern, and dignity to each patient. We are committed to embracing diversity. We are committed to demonstrating compassion and kindness. We are committed to including persons served in the process of change.

We value Person Centered Planning. We strive to empower by involving persons served in the clinical process by sharing the work of change and not enabling helplessness. We are committing to respecting individualism and supporting your effect to determine one’s path to enhancing the quality of life.


Michael Oliver, LGADC.

Michael Oliver is an experienced alcohol and drug counselor with a background in Social Work. Michael Oliver started his career in the addictions field in 2012 at an Opioid Treatment Program in East Baltimore. There, Mr. Oliver learned the intricacies of successfully treating the opioid dependent population with Medication-Assisted-Treatment. Mr. Oliver then utilized his experience, education, and personal relationships to develop an Opioid Treatment Program of his own with two partners in 2016: Riverside Treatment Services, LLC. Riverside Treatment Services, LLC opened for business in 2016 and grew at a rapid pace based on its friendly, welcoming atmosphere; effective treatment interventions; skilled, experienced staff; and on-site management of all three partners.

Crystal Pulsirisaroth

Crystal has 13 years of administrative and counseling experience in the medicated assisted treatment setting. She is versed in the complexities of balancing the business aspect of a treatment facility while ensuring that the needs of clients are met. Crystal also possesses extensive knowledge of program certification processes, legislative requirements for treatment programs, case management and counseling services needed for at-risk populations, as well as managing the community involvement in the treatment process. Crystal graduated from the University of Baltimore in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Forensic Science. She furthered her education by then receiving an Associate’s degree with honors in Chemical Dependency Counseling from Community College of
Baltimore County in 2012.

Charles Watson

Charles is experienced in the field, with over 13 years of providing administrative leadership in an outpatient medicated assisted treatment setting. He has a strong background in social work and alcohol and drug counseling. He possesses an in-depth understanding of relevant legislation, regulations, and procedures involving medicated assisted and substance abuse treatment. He also has extensive knowledge relating to the complexities and practices of community issues encompassed in the Social Work field. Furthermore, he is committed to working with vulnerable populations in a variety of treatment settings including individuals, groups, and families. Charles received his undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2009, graduating Cum Laude with recognition from the International Honor Society. Finally, Charles received his graduate degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, School of Social Work in 2014 with a concentration in clinical interventions, with a specialization in mental health.

Our Vision

The program envisions communities free of the debilitating impact of substance abuse. The Riverside team strives to achieve this goal by meeting patients where they are in their recovery process through a person-centered focus. We are committed to ensuring quality treatment that facilitates and supports recovery.

Our Mission

Riverside’s mission is to promote patient wellness through comprehensive care in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and surrounding areas whose life and functioning has been impacted by the use of opiate-based drugs. We believe in the disease concept of addictive illness and will treat our patients with dignity and respect in all phases of their treatment experience. We will serve patients in an environment of privacy and safety and we will work for them according to the highest standards of professionalism. We recognize our moral and ethical responsibility to provide the highest quality treatment and services that hold the greatest promise of successful outcomes for our patients, and therefore support Medication Assistance paired with other comprehensive treatments. We will discuss with our patients the nature of their addiction and we will also provide educational information about the concept of harm minimization from substance abuse, including the spread of communicable disease (e.g.: HIV and Hepatitis C). Most importantly, in our attempt to improve the quality of the lives of our patients, we will encourage them to develop skills and resources to support their abstinence after disengaging in services. Our staff will keep this mission statement as the guiding principle of their work at all times.